Ready for prime time?

I have the privilege of being on the email list for a producer in Hollywood working to establish a Christian entertainment studio. In his weekly email blast this Saturday, he mentioned The Lance and the Veil in a roundabout way, writing:

Whenever I can free a few moments, I continue to enjoy reading a book written by a friend…. It would make a tremendous multi-episode television special and subsequent streaming and DVD release. With study guides, it could also be of interest to church and Bible study groups, too.

I pray often for his success, because he is a good Christian gentleman with the utmost dedication to serving the Lord through quality, faith-based entertainment. Our work seems to have several possible points of intersection, and it would be my pleasure to work with him sometime in the future. But, if not with him, I’m confident someone in Hollywood will see the merits of Lance and Veil when it’s brought to their attention. That starts with building an audience for the novel, which I work at daily. Your help in that regard is greatly appreciated.




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