Monday night (5/11/15) I had the pleasure of talking to a dramaturg who is well-regarded in the Manhattan theatre community. She’d read my play, Doubtful Provenance, not once, but twice, and was trying to get a very busy director to read it. While I can’t go into all the details of our discussion, I will say I was encouraged that she embraced the intelligence of the script, the depth of the characters and the substance of the ideas. About my lead female, she said, “A lot of people try to write that character, but they get her wrong. You got her right.” The character is complex, but as the dramaturg said, “She’s someone who exists in the world,” meaning she’s real and she resonates. When we left off our discussion, we shook hands enthusiastically, and I felt that, finally, the play has the strong advocate it deserves.

I’ll keep reporting on any progress we make bringing Doubtful Provenance to the New York stage.

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