Author Kevin Rush goes “Back to the Future.”  Tell Doc Brown to bring the DeLorean around.

On August 28th, I flew out to Los Angeles to renew old acquaintances and talk to a few folks in and out of the entertainment industry about The Lance and the Veil. First, though, on orders from one of my beloved sisters, I had to chase down Zachary Levi to get autographs for my niece and nephew. They were big fans of Chuck on NBC and had seen Zack on Broadway a couple of years back, when he had been gracious enough to pose for pictures after the show with the whole family. He was equally gracious when I ran into him and said my sister had given me a mission.

Later, I heard from several folks who loved Lance and Veil, including a Christian producer who envisions it as a TV miniseries.

One of the highlights of my trip was a tour of the backlot of Universal Studios. My guide, Willie Gillespie, drove much of the route that the tour follows, but we were able to stop and take a few pictures, something visitors who take the tram are not able to do.


We swung past Amity and this big boy put Willie in the mood for sushi,
Struck a creepy Norman Bates pose and waited for my Janet Leigh, who, fortunately for her, never arrived.
Stopped by to check on Mother, who was seated at the window, but was clearly off her rocker.

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