IMG_0273I had the pleasure this evening of meeting a fine American leader whom I greatly admire, Lt. Col. Allen West (ret.) who made a visit to New York City. I picked up the Colonel’s new book, Guardian of the Republic and he signed it for me:

God be with you

now & always.

Steadfast and loyal,

Allen B. West

I read a couple of chapters on the train home, and it’s chock full of inspiration. A smooth read, I’d recommend it especially for boys aged 13 to 16 who are hungry for positive examples as they grow into manhood.

I presented Col. West with a copy of The Lance and the Veil. As  a good Methodist with a few years of Catholic education, he recognized right away that it was the story of Longinus and Veronica. “Longinus, the Centurion, became the Patron Saint of Faithful Warriors,” I said. “And I wanted you to have this, because you are a faithful warrior.” He seemed touched by that remark and graciously accepted the gift. Let’s hope I bump into him again after he’s had a chance to read it!

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