The Libertarian Sci Fi Saga Hits Back at Political Correctness With Its Most Controversial Segment Yet!

In the year 2025, free enterprise is on the ropes, as pioneers in commercial space flight combat the twin demons of political corruption and international terrorism. Can they hold their team together long enough to perfect the technology that will open the Solar System?

“Sir, with all due respect, sometimes, you get rules of engagement that set you up to fail. Put you on the defensive, when you should play offense.”



When the IGA calls on the crew of Persephone to dispose of the derelict International Space Station, it’s clear that playing by the rules won’t get the job done. But what are the rules anymore? For decades political correctness has shackled free citizens, empowered corrupt government and coddled extremist terrorists. Now Lone Star Aerospace fights to pursue a bold vision of interplanetary travel against a cluster of totalitarian forces demanding they submit or die.


“But my point, Cloyd, is that I have a dream. To drive that dream I created a business. I employ workers. They earn salaries with which they provide for their families. We make discoveries that we hope will drive other industries, providing more jobs for more people and lifting up more families. And you, my pitiable friend, want to destroy all of that. You are using the brute force of government to compel me and my people to enter into your delusion, and if we refuse, you will destroy us. Isn’t that right, Cloyd?”

Follow the adventures of these intrepid pioneers as they fight for the freedom to pursue their destiny.

If you’re caught up on the story, you can read Episode 3 here. If you’re just joining us, begin by reading Episode One — Persephone.

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