The Lance and the Veil: an adventure in the time of Christ, tells the story of how Veronica and Longinus made their way to Calvary, witnessed Our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross and experienced the glory of His Resurrection. Its depiction of their journey through a sinful world to salvation is an inspiring tale that can enhance our Lenten journey from the dust of Ash Wednesday to the Redemption of Easter. Many Christians, especially Catholics, have read this book as part of their preparation for Easter. In fact, it was originally written as a Lenten companion, in 40 chapters, one for each day of Lent, each with a short reflection, and published on the website, Making Lent Meaningful.

When it came time to publish the novel in book form, I removed the reflections and had to cut two chapters due to page limitations. But, as Lent 2016 approaches, I know there will be many readers who will want to make The Lance and the Veil part of their Lenten experience. So, I’ve posted the reflections and lost chapters here.

I wish you a rich journey towards Easter. May every blessing of this holy season be yours.

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