0007Of all the topics I’ve written on, the hardest is myself. Just as I balk at publishing a story before it’s finished, I hesitate to say anything about myself until I’m complete, which, given the notion of completeness in the Catholic mind, means after I’ve run the course and poured myself out like a libation. Suffice to say, I’ve had my advantages and my setbacks, and I stumble towards the light as God gives me to see the light. I consider myself a Catholic writer, but I write about the world as it comes to me, not as I would have it be. I am currently in the thirty-third year of my 35 year plan for overnight success. I appreciate your interest in my writing, and look forward to your comments, and your continued support of my efforts.

2 thoughts on “About Kevin Rush

  1. Hershey Miller

    Kevin ! Oh. Em. Gee. ! STOOP TALK RADIO, funny, brilliant, hysterical !!! Love, Love, Love it !!!

    Do I want to see further episodes …… YES ! YES ! YES !

    Cheers !

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