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Free Amazon Download of Sci-Fi Saga, ‘Nauts

For five days only, September 8 through 12, you can get a FREE Kindle download of the opening chapter in the ‘Nauts science fiction saga. The series written by award-winning author Kevin Rush explores the early days of commercial space flight in the third decade of the 21st century. Taking…

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Doubtful Provenance Named Semi-Finalist in the Ashland New Plays Festival 2017

On Monday, March 6, word came that Doubtful Provenance, the full-length stage play by award-winning playwright Kevin Rush, has been selected as a semi-finalist for the Ashland New Plays Festival 2017, to be held in Ashland, Oregon, October 15 through 22. Only six percent of the submitted scripts advanced. Here’s…

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The Lance and the Veil: A Novel to Enhance Your Lenten Journey

The Lance and the Veil: an adventure in the time of Christ, tells the story of how Veronica and Longinus made their way to Calvary, witnessed Our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross and experienced the glory of His Resurrection. Its depiction of their journey through a sinful world to salvation is…

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‘Nauts — Episode 3: Rules of Engagement

The Libertarian Sci Fi Saga Hits Back at Political Correctness With Its Most Controversial Segment Yet! In the year 2025, free enterprise is on the ropes, as pioneers in commercial space flight combat the twin demons of political corruption and international terrorism. Can they hold their team together long enough to perfect…

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‘Nauts Episode 2 — “Ox-Bow International” is up at Liberty Island!

There’s good news for Sci-Fi fans tonight, September 22, 2015, because Liberty Island Magazine has (finally!) posted Episode 2 of my Sci-Fi saga, ‘Nauts. If you missed our pilot episode, Persephone, don’t sit there all antsy, get yourself caught up, then dive into Ox-Bow International, a story of political corruption, international intrigue,…

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The Patron Saint of Faithful Warriors

I had the pleasure this evening of meeting a fine American leader whom I greatly admire, Lt. Col. Allen West (ret.) who made a visit to New York City. I picked up the Colonel’s new book, Guardian of the Republic and he signed it for me: God be with you…

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Hello, Hollywood! Are You Ready for The Lance and the Veil?

On August 28th, I flew out to Los Angeles to renew old acquaintances and talk to a few folks in and out of the entertainment industry about The Lance and the Veil. First, though, on orders from one of my beloved sisters, I had to chase down Zachary Levi to…

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“The Lance and the Veil” gets another 5 Star Review!

A pleasant surprise from a reader with the nomme de plume “Red Cat”, posted August 19th on Amazon: “I loved this book with the central character, Veronica, as heroine. From her teen years to adulthood, I connected and empathized with her. Her journey is thrilling as the author uses great…

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Lance and Veil Video to Appear on Philippines TV

I received a request via email: Good evening. KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) is GMA Network Inc.’s top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs program in the Philippines. It features socio-cultural stories, current issues, and special events worldwide. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is also hosted by multi-awarded…

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