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Book Signing for St. Veronica’s Feast Day, July 12

Meet Kevin Rush, author of The Lance and the Veil Sunday, July 12, at St. Theresa’s Church in Kentfield, NJ, Kevin Rush will read from his novel, The Lance and the Veil, an adventure in the time of Christ. The event will take place after the 10:30 am Mass in the Parish…

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Coming soon? La Lanza y El Velo

From the inception of this project, I’d envisioned The Lance and the Veil as a worldwide entertainment vehicle. Today, I contacted an actor/producer originally from South America who agrees that this book could find a great audience in Latin America. He has translated books from English to Spansih and has connections…

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The Placement

I wrote this story years ago when I was still teaching. It was a reaction against a supposedly educational service that provided free television programs to schools as long as they allowed the students to watch the commercials. At the time I was also rebelling against the increasingly inescapable reality…

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Buy a Patriotic T-Shirt and Support!

Dear friends,   As you might imagine, the website is something of a money-pit, so I’m looking to defray some of the costs with a T-shirt campaign. As Independence Day approaches, help me to declare financial independence by purchasing a Patriotic Thomas Jefferson T-shirt. Perfect for anyone who loves…

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A Kiss on Highland Avenue

I wrote this story 12 years ago while I was teaching high school and was reflecting on the stark contrast between the opulence of the idyllic Marin County environs in which my students were living and the urban decay of the 1970s in which I had grown up. This story is…

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Doubtful Provenance of Haverford College antiquities

Where did I get my inspiration to write Doubtful Provenance? Not on the bucolic campus of Haverford College. But, as it turns out, my alma mater has several antiquities of doubtful provenance due to its close connection to one of the world’s most notorious traffickers in looted artifacts. Here’s an interesting article on…

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News for Doubtful Provenance

Monday night (5/11/15) I had the pleasure of talking to a dramaturg who is well-regarded in the Manhattan theatre community. She’d read my play, Doubtful Provenance, not once, but twice, and was trying to get a very busy director to read it. While I can’t go into all the details…

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Producer’s Endorsement of The Lance and the Veil

Ready for prime time? I have the privilege of being on the email list for a producer in Hollywood working to establish a Christian entertainment studio. In his weekly email blast this Saturday, he mentioned The Lance and the Veil in a roundabout way, writing: Whenever I can free a…

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Stoop Talk Radio

a slacker romance by Kevin Rush This story is a love letter to a small borough on the Hudson. I first wrote Stoop Talk Radio as a pilot for a sitcom. The pitch (“It’s WKRP in Mom’s basement!”) never made it to the networks. I even wrote lyrics for a theme song….

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