I have found it very nearly impossible to write short stories, because of an unruly tendency towards expansiveness. I’ve envied authors who have mastered the art of potent brevity. It’s a form I hope to explore more in the future, but as I am beginning work on “the next big thing,” and have committed to my episodics, that’s probably wishful thinking. Still, I’ll be making those stories available here. If I find there’s an audience, there will be more. To start, please enjoy:

The Blizzard of ’78.  I’m particularly fond of this tale. When I first published it, I received such praise for its stark realism that I feel obligated now to impress upon the reader that it is fiction, not a memoir. Still, it speaks of people and a place and yearnings that were real to me at a tender age.

Stoop Talk Radio, a slacker romance. I originally wrote this as a sitcom pilot, but that script languished when I couldn’t get anyone with the necessary connections to read it. It remains a very funny and, I think, touching tale of small-town aspirations in the big city.

‘Nauts. This episodic sci-fi saga had it’s debut at Liberty Island Magazine.

Los Lobos del Malpaís is a horror tale set in the Old West.

A Kiss on Highland Avenue is a coarse coming-of-age tale about adolescents who never had the luxury of innocence. A prequel perhaps of The Blizzard of ’78.