Nauts_Persephone‘Nauts is an episodic science fiction series created by Kevin Rush set in the near future depicting the struggles of pioneers in commercial space flight.The pov is similar to some of Robert Heinlein’s libertarian sci-fi classic, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, as characters struggle against forces of corruption as well as nature. The first episode, Persephone, debuted on Liberty Island Magazine, full of corporate intrigue, political corruption, international terrorism and the obligatory derring do that makes for a great sci-fi adventure.

All episodes are now available in Kindle form from Amazon.

You can read the espionage, revenge thriller Episode Two — Ox-Bow International.
Then continue with more the humor and high adventure of Episode Three — Rules of Engagement.
In Episode Four — Kayak,  our heroes travel faster and farther than any humans have ever gone.
Then in Episode Five — Re-Entry, the stakes are raised in a life and death race to return to Earth, while the seeds of betrayal are sown.

Stay with us in the coming months, as the sage reaches its “first season” climax.

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