a novel for Catholic teens

Earthquake Weather is an incredible, thoughtful and brilliant revelation of teenagers in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is as urban real and powerful as “To Sir, With Love.” Kevin Rush is a talent you will be hearing much from in the future, because he is spiritual, emotionally connected and a brilliant writer.”

…Michael Pritchard, nationally-acclaimed youth guidance speaker

In the summer after seventh grade, Kristine’s world shifts so radically, it’s as though the earth is giving way beneath her feet. Everything that has held her secure: her family, school and Church are shaken, and she begins to question what she’s always held to be the truth. As Kristine drifts away from her closest friend, Nessie, she’s drawn into an anxious relationship with her older cousin, Jamie, and boys from her gang-infested neighborhood who bring excitement, and peril.


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“The author has an uncanny ability to see the world through a teenager’s eyes and to express young people’s hopes fears, joy and pain in language that is unmistakably their own…. The characters in this exciting and surprising story are real. Any kid who hangs with them will enjoy their company and emerge a little bit wiser and grown up.”
…Rev. James DiGiacamo, S.J., Regis High School, NYC


In Earthquake Weather, the protagonist, a young teenage woman, undergoes precipitous events that impact her life and those who love her. I encourage every teenager to read this novel and to discern the trajectory of their actions and decisions!

… Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I truly loved the book. It was so moving. At times it brought me to tears. I even recommended it to my friends. Thanks to the author for making such a great book!”

…Camille, 16


“…a compelling story…dealing with all the struggles that come with being a teenager and living in the inner-city…. The language of the book draws you in and makes the story seem more real. It’s the most accurate portrayal of a young-adult I’ve ever read. The story is as entertaining as a movie while still possessing an element of reality and truth like a novel….It is the perfect way to get young people interested and maybe even enthusiastic about their faith.”
…Erin, 15


“…a fast moving story about a group of Catholic school seventh and eighth graders, growing up in a tough working class neighborhood. …The story illustrates the very real life and death choices that confront kids in their early teens. I cared about the characters and really enjoyed this action-filled story.”
…Christopher, 15


“…You never want to put it down. It’s an exceptional thriller that continually intrigues you.”
… Sabrina, 15


“I thoroughly enjoyed Earthquake Weather….The ending is very unexpected and exciting. The characters are well-developed, and I really felt like I knew them by the end of the story. I would definitely recommend this book to teenagers from…13 to 16. …Earthquake Weather might also help teenagers searching for their faith or making important choices in their lives.”
… Stephanie, 15


“I really enjoyed Earthquake Weather. I couldn’t put it down and read it in a matter of a few hours (I usually don’t like to read a lot at a time). Mr. Rush did a great job portraying how life was in the inner city for these children. It was hard at times yet they were strong. I really felt as if I were in the town with these people. I even cried when … and when … . This was a great book!”
…Danielle, 15


“I truly enjoyed Earthquake Weather. It really captured the many difficulties that today’s teens have to face, but at the same time it made me realize how lucky I am to be living where I am. There is so much to say about this book because it hits upon so many vital topics on many different levels — such as life, family, friends, relationships, religion, school, and death. Personally, I find it rather hard to believe that any male would be able to capture the emotions involved in these issues as fully as Mr. Rush did in this book…. It took me a while to get into the book, but after that I was unable to put it down until I was finished.”
…Megan, 15


“Earthquake Weather is a delightful story — honest, funny and hopeful…. The faith themes are gently and skillfully woven and I really liked the fog and earthquake imagery. It would work well for 9th graders and possibly 10th.”
…Ned Bennett, Chair., Rel. Studies Dept., Sacred Heart Cathedral H. S., San Francisco.


“I got so enveloped by Earthquake Weather that it was two in the morning by the time I finished. I so thoroughly enjoyed the book that time escaped me. The characters Kevin Rush creates are so real. He captures the experience as if he lived the life. His imagination and creativity runs deep, creating such endearing characters that I developed an intimate relationship with so many of them. I was a little sad when I finished the book. I felt as if I were sharing in Kristine’s growing pains. I wanted to continue walking with her on her journey. The author definitely left me wanting more.”
…Gina Banzon, Asst. Principal, Immaculate Conception Academy, San Francisco

Earthquake Weather is a real portrayal of life as an urban Catholic teen…. There is no candy-coating of the characters or the difficult situations they encounter, including drugs, gangs and teen sex. The main characters are challenged to apply Catholic mores in the face of peer pressure. Kevin Rush has created racially diverse personas who are as frail as they are strong, allowing teen readers to relate to the story and take away positive lessons for their lives.”
…Cristina Guinot, Author, Relocating to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley


Earthquake Weather is a moving story of one girl’s experience of God as friend, of God’s faithfulness to her through the seemingly unbearable trials and disastrous choices of her adolescence. characters of the book are so real, so human, that I found myself walking through San Francisco thinking, “this must be where Angelfire lives.”
…Anne Marie Bacich, Teacher, Marin Catholic High School


Besides providing teens with quality pleasure reading, Earthquake Weather is recommended as supplementary reading for high school or junior high religion classes, CCD programs and Confirmation classes. This exciting and realistic novel will provoke discussion on a broad range of issues which are vital to the moral development of young Catholics.